Giving your beloved old furniture a new lease of life is an arduous process which we have painstakingly perfected over three generations. Not sure how the furniture will undergo this process, or unsure about how it will turn out? Never fear, take a sneak peek at what goes on at our workshop!

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The Work Process

1.Chemical washing or cleaning off the dirt and oils which have been absorbed by the old coating.
2.Leave for drying.
3.Sanding ensures that the surface is clean, clear, and smooth before we apply any colour stains or lacquer.
4.For wood, we apply either a colour stain/coat and a lacquer coating as the base layer.
For metal, we use a base sealer coating as the base layer.
5.Before proceeding, we patch all cracks, holes, dents, or chipped-off parts so that your furniture looks brand new all over again!
6.A second round of sanding down evens everything out again.
7.For wood: we apply a coat of lacquer at this stage.
For metal: This is when we apply the colour coating.
8.For wood: We then touch up the colour on the wood.
9.The last step before we leave it to dry involves a final spray-on coating.
10.Leave for drying