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Howtat Contract Services. Reg No: 377330/00X

This family business has been handed down over three generations, although it was only registered in 1987. As furniture doctors with a wealth of experience in our craft, we specialize in refinishing and repairing your antique furniture. Our passion for the fine design and sturdy craftsmanship of yesteryear, coupled with the modern techniques of woodworking available today, make it possible for us to breathe new life into your prized piece of history so that it looks exactly like it did when it was first handcrafted all those years ago.

When it comes to your antique furniture, you can trust the master craftsmen at our workshop to take care of it with an unmatched expertise that can only be honed through years of experience. Don't want that dining set in your attic to look as austere as it did in your grandfather's time? Or just don't like the shade of varnish on the wood? We can change all that too!

Besides restoring precious old furniture, we also offer furniture refinishing and refurbishment services. Come talk to us about having your existing furniture spruced up or completely reborn as a head-turning conversation piece; after all, the first consultation is free! Besides dealing with wood, we are also experienced in refurbishing glass, rattan, metal, laminated and even upholstered furniture.

Our services at a glance:
Spray- painting
Permanent fixtures
Repair and restoration of old and antique wooden or metal object
Spray- painting of glass
Darkening or lightening the hue of your old furniture (Choice of final lacquer coating: Matte, Semi-gloss, Gloss or High-gloss)